Waterproof and Breathable Solution for IPRO Intelligent Car Camera

Release Time:2020-10-21

With the development of science and technology, automatic driving is becoming more and more popular among mainstream automotive enterprises. As the most important part of the automatic driving system, the intelligent car camera which acting as the “eye” has received wide attention. Intelligent car cameras are one of vehicle sensors. Intelligent camera itself is not a new thing. It has been widely used in mobile phones, smart homes, security,transportation and other fields. Although the camera technology has been very mature, the situation will be much more complex when combined with the car application scenario, even the leading consumer electronics camera industryalso need to be re-developed.


The success of camera application is directly related to the safety of automatic driving. Recently, frequent accidents in the field of automatic driving have cuased heating public discussion, which directly reflects users’ concerns about the safety of automatic driving. The evaluation of automatic driving technology is divided into two aspects: system capability and system stability. In general, users are more concerned about driving performance. However, the stability of automatic driving is also important, because if the system cannot work stably, no matter how intelligent the system is, it is also unsafe.


A leading camera enterprise in Zhejiang province specially set up a car application business unit in order to enter the car camera market. When developing a car panoramic camera, they found that the original design could not match the harsh working environment in the car. For this reason, they specifically turned to IPRO, who has rich experience in automotive industry.


Product parameters:

  • Membrane vent material 100% ePTFE
  • IP grade: IP68
  • Ventilation property 2000ml/min/cm ²@7kPa
  • Temperature resistance range-40 ℃-120 ℃


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