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Adhesive Vent

The safety of intelligent driving is based on the stable operation of underlying hardware. IPRO adhesive vent can effectively improve working stability and extend service life of the front-end equipment and controller of intelligent driving system. Product specifications are as follows:

Technical Data

    • WEP: 20-400kPa (60s)
    • Typical Air Flow: 50-10000ml/min/cm2@7kPa
    • IP Rating: IP67/IP68
    • Oil Rating: Up to 8
    • Operating Temperature: -40℃-+160℃
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Product Application : Adhesive Vent


The autonomous driving hardware can be divided into three parts according to their functions: perception, control, and execution. Perception devices include lidar, on-board cameras, millimeter-wave radar, ultrasonic radar, etc. Control devices include controllers for various execution algorithms, and cloud big data for technologies such as fuzzy inference, reinforcement learning, neural networks, and Bayesian networks. Actuation devices include brake turn signals, etc.

In the field of autonomous driving, safety is the premise. While algorithms and big data can improve the accuracy of decision making, the accuracy of the raw data input is even more important. Inaccurate data input from sensors may lead to failure of decision making, which is fatal to the whole system. These devices all work under complex conditions and require venting products to improve their working stability. For example, the sensitive millimeter wave radar needs to pass more than 1000 cycles of thermal shock tests or operate normally at high temperatures for more than 1200 hours. Similarly, for in-vehicle cameras, the fog dispersion and pressure equalization capabilities of the membrane should be taken into consideration, as well as special adjustments fitting vehicle’s casing design.

IPRO provides hundreds of models with different air permeability levels, WEP, oil-proof levels and chemical stabilities. IPRO has established its own adhesive vent selection model in terms of stripping force, working temperature and chemical corrosion resistance after years of research, in order to recommend the most suitable model to customers according to their specific application needs.

IPRO adhesive vent has been praised by many mainstream auto parts enterprises. Targeting customers’ requirement of large-scale production, IPRO provides special packaging solutions to help complete automatic installation.

Key Features
  • Easy installation;
  • Large air permeability;
  • High IP rating;
  • Small footprint.

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