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IPRO Membrane is an industry leader with over 15 years of experience in microporous membranes, manufacturing, and R&D. Initially, IPRO’s membranes were primarily used in semiconductor and pharmaceutical filtration. However, with the rapid progression of global consumer and automotive electronics, the membranes are now used as pressure vents and acoustic vents as well. These pressure and acoustic vents are widely used today in outdoor electronics and packaging containers.

Apart from microporous membrane R&D and manufacturing, IPRO possesses superior technology in membrane bonding, membrane surface treatment, membrane application-based die cutting, overmolding, welding, production environment control and high-volume testing. You can rely on our excellent R&D and quality team, strict quality control and quality assurance teams. We ensure the highest quality of every PC pressure vent and acoustic vent delivered to global customers.

Through the use of our industry-leading R&D labs, IPRO can meet the diverse application requirements of our global customers. We utilize our own acoustic lab, reliability testing lab, IP rating lab, membrane performance lab and an industry application lab. Based on the project needs of our customers, we provide professional custom pressure services, acoustic venting solutions, and validation and testing.

We have been developing and producing pressure and acoustic vents with microporous membranes for over 10 years. Our vents are sold to more than 80 countries and regions, and we are the partner of major global leaders in various market verticals. Moving forward, IPRO will continue to focus on the R&D of new microporous membranes and high-performance venting solutions, deliver innovative high-quality products to global customers, and contribute to the progression of our customers and their industries.

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