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IPRO New & Events News Waterproof and Venting Solutions for Mild Hybrid 48V Drivetrain Battery Pack

Waterproof and Venting Solutions for Mild Hybrid 48V Drivetrain Battery Pack

Release Time:2022-07-07

For automotive companies, China’s VI Vehicle Emission Standard is not an easy test to pass. Policies such as CAFC and NEV’s double scoring and Fuel Consumption Limits for Passenger Cars have increased the urgency to promote the development of “green” vehicles. With the approaching implementation of VI standards, auto OEMs are focusing more intensely on Mild Hybrid 48V Drivetrain. Audi’s high-end models take 48V hybrids as a selling point, while domestic auto companies such as Geely, Chang’an, and SAIC GM have begun mass production of vehicles using Mild Hybrid 48V Drivetrain.


A well-known domestic auto parts company started the development of 48V hybrid technology early on and thanks to its technical advantages and comprehensive promotion of 48V hybrid products, it has won several contracts from domestic and foreign OEMs.


battery pack solution


In the early stages of their product development, its battery pack venting products lacked sufficient protection capabilities. Venting products play a key role in balancing the internal and external pressure difference as well as in heat dissipation, making it crucial to the safety of battery packs. Without suitable venting products, mass production cannot happen and the client will lose its competitive advantages.


IPRO has been in contact with this company very early on and after realizing that imported venting products may pose certain risks, it responded quickly and offered multiple solutions. IPRO has worked in the automotive industry for many years and has rich experience in detecting venting failures. We can offer clients professional opinions on membrane material performance, back glue performance, product structure design, and process control. The client mentioned previously first tested the performance and reliability of IPRO product samples and the test results showed that the product can offer protection for the battery pack. In the subsequent assembly test, IPRO adhesive vents passed harsh durability tests. It is now an exclusive venting product supplier for the company’s 48V battery pack.


As a technology driven company, IPRO strictly controls product quality, actively strengthens technical competitiveness, and always focus on customer needs. We aim to help auto part clients improve their competitive advantage in new energy and intelligence vehicles.


Product Information:
Membrane: ePTFE
Typical Air Flow: 200ml / min/ cm²@7kPa
WEP: 100kPa (60s)
MVTR:30000 g/m ² · 24h
IP Rating: IP68
Adhesive Peel Strength: > 10N / cm
Operating Temperature: – 40 ℃ – 120 ℃

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