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Waterproof and Sound Transmission Solutions for TWS Earphones

Release Time:2022-07-08

IPRO provides professional waterproof and sound transmission solutions for Total Wireless System headphones.


In recent years, TWS headphones have developed into a strong competitor of traditional headphones. As the technology in these applications become more advanced, such as active noise reduction, waterproofing, and anti-sweat protection, the user experience with such devices improve greatly.


TWS earphone


From 2017 to 2020, mainstream manufacturers like the ones mentioned below, have all released TWS earphone products:

  • Mobile phone manufacturers: Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO, and Vivo;
  • Traditional audio manufacturers: Sennheiser, Audio-technica, Sony, BOSE, and Edifier;
  • Internet companies: iQIYI and NetEase CloudMusic.


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IPRO offer professional waterproof and sound transmission solutions for these TWS earphones. Previously, earphone IP ratings were usually IPX3 and IPx4. Currently, IP67 and IP68 are essential to compete! Based on the R&D capabilities, manufacturing techniques of ePTFE, and many years of professional experience in the audio field, IPRO offers mature levels of waterproof ratings and sound transmission solutions.


In 2019, a well-known TWS earphone company in Guangdong needed to develop an IP68 waterproof TWS earphones for the European and US markets. It contacted several waterproof vents manufacturers, but their assembled products failed to meet technical requirements for sound transmissions. To enable the client to participate in the CES 2020 exhibition, IPRO quickly provided professional assistance in waterproofing and sound transmission solutions. For the first sample test, it passed the unit’s waterproof test, and the sound transmission results met the customer’s requirements. However, leakage was found during the complete machine test.


IPRO sent an application engineer to the customer’s work site and assisted with failure analysis. He discovered that the problem was not caused by the film, but by a mismatch in the earphones’ structural design, which caused sealing failure. Yet, delivery date was around the corner and it was unrealistic to change the design. So, IPRO engineers referenced their past experiences and skillfully adjusted the laminated structure of waterproof membrane components to fill the gap and resent samples. This time, there was no leakage during the IPX8 (2m x 1h) unit test and the completed machine test. Moreover, the sound attenuation of 100Hz-10KHz was less than 0.5dB. Eventually, IPRO’s solution not only met the performance requirements of the client, but also enabled the client to participate in CES 2020 exhibition. IPRO is now a strategic supplier for this client.

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