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IPRO New & Events News IPRO Launches 10ATM Pressure Vents for Next Generation Wearable Devices

IPRO Launches 10ATM Pressure Vents for Next Generation Wearable Devices

Release Time:2022-07-07

As electronic products become more intelligent, a growing number of consumers choose wearable devices like smart watches to monitor movement and record life activities.


For a watch that’s used daily, applications include handwashing, bathing, swimming, surfing, diving, and even car washing; all of which are tests for its waterproof capability. According to statistics, watch failures caused by water ingress happen quite frequently.


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So, the question becomes: why does water still cause damage, even when watches have waterproof protection?

Well, even though waterproof watches claim to be waterproof, there are different waterproof levels that indicate different levels of protection. For example, 3ATM (30m waterproof) and 5 ATM (50m waterproof) are relatively common models in the market, and they can meet the requirements of daily life. However, when they need to be used during car washing, swimming, surfing and diving, a higher waterproof level will be needed for protection. This calls for 10ATM (100m waterproof) products.


IPRO focuses on the research and development of ePTFE waterproof vents, and is committed to providing effective protection for all outdoor electronic products. For deep-water electronic equipment, IPRO has developed products with 10ATM deep-water protection to protect electronic products from deep-water pressure and quickly balance the internal and external pressure differences. With all the life challenges considered, your electronic products can be protected from sweat and damage, and still work effectively in deep water.


Performance of IPRO 10ATM Waterproof Vents
Membrane: ePTFE
WEP: >1000kPa
Typical Air Flow: 100ml / min/ cm²@7kPa
Operating Temperature: – 40 ℃ – 105 ℃


Characteristics of IPRO 10ATM Waterproof Vents
Functionality without water leakage while immersed for 30 minutes at 100m underwater
Outstanding air permeability to quickly balance the internal and external pressure differences
Protection against sweat and hand sanitizer
Long service life; protection for wearable devices throughout product life-cycles.

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