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The proportion of smart wearable products, such as smart bracelets, watches and TWS earphones has gradually increased, with much more mature and ever more sophisticated application scenarios. Intelligent watches and bracelets in the market have generally reached a waterproof level of 50 meters, and nowadays, even 100 meters.

With natural hydrophobic properties thanks to its multi-fluorine molecular structure, IPRO pressure vent is mainly made of ePTFE and installed at the pressure relief hole of wearable products to equalize pressure.

The 10ATM pressure vent independently developed by IPRO enables wearable products to achieve a diving-grade waterproofness of 100 meters.

Technical Data

    • Material: ePTFE
    • Typical Air Flow: 100-200ml/min/cm2@7kPa
    • IP Rating: 10ATM (Water Depth 100m, Immersion for 10min)
    • Installation Method: Adhesive paste
    • Operation Temperature: -40℃-+105℃.
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Product Application : 10ATM


With the popularity of intelligent wearable products, traditional wearable products (such as mechanical watches, etc.) are gradually being replaced. Smart wearables have also derived from single-function bracelets into a variety of products, including smart sports watch, children’s watch, TWS headphones, and health monitoring watch for the elderly, etc.


Wearable products are used daily and widely, thus are inevitably exposed to hand sanitizers, sweats, rainwater, and other liquids. Therefore, being waterproof and resistant to corrosive liquids becomes vital for wearable products. Today, waterproofness has become a standard function of wearable products. Health monitoring watches and sports watches are often used during diving, and diving-grade of 100m waterproof capabilities has gradually become a potential necessity for intelligent wearable products. Plus highly competitive market drives demand for even higher level of waterproof capabilities. Usually, the product must be completely sealed to realize the waterproofness required. Yet this creates another problem, i.e., heat generated by electronic components were unable to dissipate, leading to raising temperate and pressure, which prevents the speaker from functioning normally. Meanwhile, pressure may cause damage to the components and the sealing structures as well. By drilling pressure relief holes and install waterproof vents, the above issues can be solved. But when 100 meters underwater, pressure will reach 1000kPa, and most materials will fail.


How to be waterproof in deep water but still remain air permeability has become the most difficult challenges for diving-grade wearable products. IPRO 10ATM pressure vent has brought hope for wearable products.


The 10ATM pressure vent has natural hydrophobic properties and amazing porosity. It has both waterproof and air permeable ability which enables wearable products to attain 100-meter diving-grade waterproof capabilities. The product can be immersed in water at a depth of 100m without breaking. Meanwhile, excellent extendibility, resilience and good air permeability allows the product to have good venting performance, even when sealed completely. Equalizing pressure in time could also protect the internal components and the sealing structures. Moreover, it can prevent the speaker from vibrating poorly, and ensure the smooth tone of the product.


With the waterproof and venting protection, consumers will no longer worry about damage from water to the smart phone.

Key Features
  • Pure natural hydrophobic and permeable performance, with long service life;
  • Chemical inertness, resistant to splashes of sweat, soapy water, coffee, sea water and other liquid;
  • Dust-proof Rating: Up to Level 6, preventing dust from entering the machine and damaging the components inside;
  • Operation Temperature: -40℃-+105℃.

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