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Weldable Vent

IPRO weldable vent has excellent properties such as high welding strength, large air permeability, high IP rating, strong stability, and multiple model choices. Product specifications are as follows:

Technical Data

    • WEP: 20-400kPa (60s)
    • Typical Air Flow: 50-10000ml/min/cm2@7kPa
    • IP Rating: IP67/IP68/IP69K
    • Oil Rating: Up to 8
    • Operating Temperature: -40℃-+250℃
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Product Application : Weldable Vent


Powertrain refers to a series of components that generate power on the vehicle and transmit power to the road; It works as vehicles’ power source and the central system of power transmission and transformation, containing the core technology of the vehicle. The quality of powertrain determines the performance of automobile in terms of power, cost, and comfort. The powertrain has complex structures, numerous parts, with high requirements for mechanical precision and high production costs.

Most components that constitute the powertrain are located on the vehicle chassis and are directly impacted by changes in the external environment. Changes in temperature and air pressure during normal driving of the vehicle will directly act on the parts on the chassis, causing the chassis to bear the double impact of temperature and pressure. In the case of rain or vehicle wading, some chassis parts will even be immersed in water, which will be directly affected by the rapid changes in water pressure, temperature, and humidity.

Real-time monitoring of thermal changes in powertrain components and offering protections is key to vehicles’ stable operation. Installing venting products for all parts of the powertrain system is an effective solution. Venting products for powertrain shall meet the following requirements:

  1. High IP rating;
  2. Large air permeability;
  3. High oil-proof level;
  4. Meet automotive grade.

IPRO’s experienced engineering teams provide one-stop services, offering advices on product inquiries, membrane selection, structural design, performance and reliability test in the pre-development process, to allow customers to have optimal solutions for different application scenarios.

Key Features
  • High welding strength;
  • One-stop services;
  • Large air permeability;
  • High IP rating.

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