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Screw-in Vent

IPRO screw-in vent is specifically developed for outdoor lighting, offering effective waterproof and dust-proof protection for the sealing structures and light path, and extending the service life of lamps.

Technical Data

    • Typical Air Flow: 500-6000ml/min@7kPa
    • Operating Temperature: -40℃-+125℃
    • IP Rating: IP65, IP66, IP67, IP68
    • Dimensions: M12X1.5, M12X1.0, M6X0.75, M14X1.5
    • Oil Rating: Up to 8
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Product Application : Screw-in Vent


For complex and outdoor environment that are constantly changing, sudden and frequent pressure dips/rises are a threat to sealed enclosures and the integrity of the casing. IPRO screw-in vents include ePTFE membrane that have a unique microstructure with natural hydrophobicity, uniformed pore size, high porosity, good air permeability, and high chemical corrosion resistance. This combination of unique characteristics enable quick pressure equalization for outdoor lighting and ensure a dry casing for long service life of lamps.

Key Features
  • IPX6 level of strong water spray protection
  • Easy installation
  • Various product series to meet different application
  • Stable air permeability
  • Excellent long-term reliability

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