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Acoustic Vent

IPRO provides effective waterproof and acoustic solutions for smart security cameras. Even in complex and changeable outdoor environments, normal operation of the voice functions can still be ensured.

Technical Data

    • WEP: 20-150kPa
    • Air Flow: 2000-25000ml/min/cm2@7kPa
    • Insertion Loss: <1.0dB
    • IP Rating: IP64, IP65, IP66, IP67, IP68
    • Operating Temperature: -40℃-+85℃
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Product Application : Acoustic Vent


With the improvement of both consumer and enterprise’s safety awareness, security monitoring products have been popularized to all aspects of life and work. In order to ensure effective interaction, information transmission and recording, security monitoring products usually have voice interaction functions. Since acoustic devices are sensitive, they must be connected to the external environment to effectively transmit and record sound. However, the outdoor environment is usually very harsh with changeable climate, which requires security cameras to be highly waterproof. IPRO acoustic vents installed at the sound permeable hole can prevent rainwater and other liquids from entering the interior of acoustic devices, thus reducing sound loss, blocking external pollutants, and restoring the original sound.

Key Features
  • High level of strong water spray protection
  • Transmission loss (<1.0dB)
  • Customized sizes
  • High audio consistency
  • Excellent long-term reliability

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