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Adhesive Vent

Sensors are widely used in various scenarios. As one of the precision electronic components, even the smallest changes, whether in external environments or minor contaminations by liquids or solid particles, will affect sensor accuracy. Therefore, the need for better protections against contamination invasions are becoming stronger. IPRO adhesive vents can meet the stringent requirements of IP64, IP65, IP66, IP67 and IP68 level of protection, without compromising sensor performance.

Technical Data

    • Film Thickness: 10-350 μm
    • Typical Air Flow: 100-25000ml/min/cm²@7kPa
    • IP Rating: IP64, IP65, IP66, IP67, IP68
    • Operating Temperature: – 40℃-+260℃
    • Oil Rating: Up to 8
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Product Application : Adhesive Vent


Electrochemical sensor electrodes operate on the principle of redox reaction. The diffused gas penetrates the adhesive vent to reach the electrode surface, and the redox reaction is catalyzed, causing the tested gas to react with the electrolyte to form an electrical signal specific to the concentration of that gas, and obtain corresponding measurement results.

The adhesive vent is used on the surface openings of the sensor casing to prevent liquid intrusion, protect internal components, control the number of gas molecules and filter particles in the air. The adhesive vent can also be used on the surface of sensing electrodes to wrap the catalyst and isolate it from the electrolyte. In addition, the adhesive vent can also prevent the leakage or rapid drying of liquid electrolyte, effectively ensuring the sensitivity of the electrochemical sensors and extending its service life.

In addition to electrochemical sensors, the adhesive vent can be widely applied in pressure sensors, temperature and humidity sensors, speed sensors and many other types of sensors. IPRO offers a variety of waterproof venting products with different level of air permeability, as well as oil-proof vents, which can prevent the penetration of surfactants, organic solvents, and other liquids. These vents can bring more effective protection to the sensors while ensuring sensor performance.

Key Features
  • Specific air permeability and porosity
  • Hydrophobic and anti-corrosion
  • High temperature resistance and no shrinkage
  • Easy installation
  • Multiple sizes available according to customer needs
  • Excellent long-term reliability

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