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Adhesive Vent

IPRO venting products are dustproof, waterproof and can stand against salt sprays. Being so, it protects outdoor telecom base stations and their sensitive components from sealing failures caused by pressure rise inside the cavity. The pressure rise is mainly brought by working heat, which cannot be dissipate in time due to the complete sealing structure of the casing. With IPRO venting products, the service life of telecom base stations is significantly extended.

Technical Data

    • Typical Air Flow: 500-10000ml/min/cm2@7kPa
    • Operating Temperature: -40℃-+260℃
    • IP Rating: IP66, IP67, IP68
    • Oil Rating: Up to 8
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Product Application : Adhesive Vent


The development of 5G technology facilitates the applications of smaller telecom stations, which leaves even lesser space for venting products to deal with ever increasing protection and pressure equalization needs. IPRO specifically developed a type of adhesive vent targeting the above requirements, which not only provides the same level of protection as before, but also solves the problem of limited internal space.

Key Features
  • IPX6 level of strong water spray protection
  • Easy installation
  • Customized sizes and types available
  • Stable air permeability
  • Excellent long-term reliability

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