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Aluminum Foil Induction Liner

During packaging and transportation process, casing containing household chemicals (hydrogen peroxide, peracetic acid, sodium hypochlorite, etc.) are prone to collapse or bulge due to the instability of formula or some other chemicals, as well as changes in temperatures and altitudes. Aluminum foil induction liners can solve the above problems by equalizing pressure to ensure the stability and safety of packaging and transportation.

Technical Data

    • Membrane: ePTFE
    • Membrane Characteristics: Oleophobic
    • Reference Thickness: 1mm
    • Membrane Color: White
    • Oil Rating: 7 Minimum
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Product Application : Aluminum Foil Induction Liner


Using ultrasonic or thermal method to weld aluminum foil liners together with breathable membranes, you get Aluminum foil induction liners, which has the advantages of simple design, easy installation, easy welding and sealing, as well as excellent chemical and surfactant resistance capabilities, plus good air permeability. With this liner, clients can choose whether or not to punch holes in the bottle caps during application process, this is because the gaps between the outer surface of the aluminum foil induction liners and the bottle caps allow the gas to pass through the vent and the threaded holes before being discharged. However, the gas will be discharged faster with holes.


Aluminum foil induction liners are suitable for small volume packaging (less than 5L), so it is widely used in the packaging of household chemicals. It has various sizes and models. Customers can choose according to casing materials and their specific needs. If the casing is made of PE, customers can choose aluminum foil induction liners with PE membrane attached. If it is PET, then with PET membrane attached.


Product Technical Specifications:

Characteristics AILB-4603-X-8.25 AILB-4603-X-10.25 AILB-4603-X-12.7
Oil Rating 7 7 7
Typical Air Flow 1000ml/min@7kPa 1500ml/min@7kPa 2400ml/min@7kPa
WEP (60s) >80kPa >80kPa >80kPa
Reference Thickness 1mm 1mm 1mm
Membrane Type ePTFE ePTFE ePTFE
Membrane Characteristics Oleophobic Oleophobic Oleophobic
Membrane Color White White White

Key Features
  • No Punching Required
  • Pressure Equalization
  • Long Service Life
  • Multiple Sizes Available
  • Good Product Stability
  • Easy to Seal

Suggestions for Storage and Transportation: The liner material is sensitive to heat. A high-temperature environment will damage the liner and affect its performance. Therefore, it can only withstand short-term storage at 0-40℃. If it needs to be used for a long time, we recommend liners and caps with liners be placed indoor with temperature between 5-35℃ and humidity between 30%-75%. Otherwise, liners will curl and deform, and the aluminum foil will be separated from the paperboard, making it unusable.


Handling Method: If the storage site does not meet the above requirements, please place these liners in an environment where the temperature is between 15℃-30℃ for 48 hours before use, and then decide whether to actually use them based on liner conditions.

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