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PE Foam Induction Liner

PE foam induction liner has excellent chemical and surfactant resistance capabilities, which allows the chemical packaging to adapt to a wider range of temperatures and latitudes. What’s more, it can also prevent casing from bulging and collapsing, making it perfect for packaging and transportation of electronic chemicals such like semiconductor chemicals.

Technical Data

    • Membrane: ePTFE
    • Membrane Characteristics: Oleophobic
    • Reference Thickness: 2mm or 1.2mm
    • Membrane Color: White
    • Oil Rating: 7 Minimum
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Product Application : PE Foam Induction Liner


Using ultrasonic or thermal sealing method to weld PE foam liners together with breathable membranes, you get PE foam induction liners, with HDPE membrane on both sides, and having two thicknesses options available: 1.2mm and 2mm. When the cap is screwed in, it exercises a pressure on the foam induction liner, so the gas can be quickly discharged through the hole of the cap.


The easy-to-install PE foam induction liners have simplified designs and excellent chemical resistance and surfactant resistance capabilities, as well as good air permeability, and are suitable for small volume packaging (less than 5L), thus, they are widely used in industrial chemical packaging. Foam liners include physical foaming and chemical foaming. Physical foaming liners are mainly used in Food packaging, while chemical foaming liners are used in chemical packaging. Product size and functions can be customized to client needs.

Product Technical Specifications:

Product IL-3503-X-8.25 IL-3503-X-10.25 IL-3503-X-12.7
Oil Rating 7 7 7
Typical Air Flow 1000ml/min@7kPa 1500ml/min@7kPa 2400ml/min@7kPa
WEP (60s) >80kPa >80kPa >80kPa
Reference Thickness 2mm or 1.2mm 2mm or 1.2mm 2mm or 1.2mm
Membrane Type ePTFE ePTFE ePTFE
Membrane Characteristics Oleophobic Oleophobic Oleophobic
Membrane Color White White White

Key Features
  • No Sealing Required
  • Pressure Equalization
  • Excellent Chemical Resistance
  • Double-sided HDPE Membrane
  • Long Service Life
  • Various Sizes Available

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