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The proportion of smart wearable products, such as smart bracelets, watches and TWS earphones has gradually increased, with much more mature and ever more sophisticated application scenarios. Intelligent watches and bracelets in the market have generally reached a waterproof level of 50 meters, and nowadays, even 100 meters.

With natural hydrophobic properties thanks to its multi-fluorine molecular structure, IPRO mic vent is mainly made of ePTFE and installed at the pressure relief hole of the microphones and speakers of wearable products to enable perfect communications at a depth of 100m under water.

Technical Data

    • Material: ePTFE
    • Sound loss: <5dB
    • IP Rating: 10ATM (100m, Immersion for 10min)
    • Installation Method: Adhesive
    • Operation Temperature: -40℃-+105℃
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Product Application : 10ATM


Smart wearable devices are becoming more and more popular. It has also derived from single-function bracelets into a variety of products, including smart sports watch, children’s watch, TWS headphones, and health monitoring watch for the elderly, etc.


Wearable products are used daily and widely, thus are inevitably exposed to hand sanitizers, sweats, rainwater, and other liquids. Therefore, being waterproof and resistant to corrosive liquids becomes vital for wearable products. Today, waterproofness has become a standard function of wearable products. Health monitoring watches, children’s watches and sports watches are often used during diving and diving-grade of 100m waterproof capabilities has gradually become a potential necessity for intelligent wearable products.


The increasingly fierce competition has spawned a higher demand for waterproof performance. The 10ATM mic vent independently developed by IPRO has brought a qualitative leap in the waterproof upgrade of smart wear. Generally, smart wearable products are interconnected with mobile phones to realize communication functions and receive phone calls and information, so highly sensitive acoustic devices such as microphones and speakers must be integrated into the wearables. In order to achieve smooth sound transmission, sound holes need to be created for wearable products. The pressure of 100 meters underwater reaches 1000kPa, and ordinary elastic materials cannot withstand such pressure, thus how to be waterproof but also ensures sound transmission has become a technical difficulty for 10ATM diving-grade wearable products.


With natural hydrophobic properties, high strength and vibration capabilities, the 10ATM mic vent provides wearable products with waterproof protection, which can stand water depth of 100m for 10 min without breaking, as well as maintain perfect sound transmission. In addition, thanks to excellent ductility of the material and IPRO’s exquisite filming technology, the loss of sound transmission is reduced to less than 5dB, realized close to zero loss of sound quality.


With the dual protection of waterproofness and tone transmission, consumers will no longer worry about the damage of smart phones due to water exposure during deep water diving.

Key Features
  • Pure natural hydrophobicity, with long service life;
  • Low sound loss, good ductility, and strong recovery;
  • Chemical inertness, resistant to splashes of sweat, soapy water, coffee, and other liquid;
  • Dust-proof Rating: Up to Level 6, preventing dust from entering the machine and damaging the components inside;
  • Operation Temperature: -40℃-+105℃.

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