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Diversified application scenarios have given rise to a strong demand for waterproof functions and more imaginative products. To achieve a higher level of consumer-grade waterproofness, IPRO continues to innovate via research and development, and created an acoustic membrane that can stand against 10m immersion.

Deep-water mic vent is installed at the mic sound hole, making the product much more competitive, and allowing for excellent phone call functions while immerged in deep water.

Technical Data

    • Material: ePTFE
    • Sound Loss: <2dB
    • IP Rating: IPX8 (Water Depth 2m, Immersion for 30min)
    • Installation Method: Adhesive Paste
    • Operation Temperature: -40℃-105℃
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Product Application : IP68 (10m*30min)


With consumer electronics growing more popular by the day, the mobile phone industry has entered a highly competitive phase.


As consumers require mobile phones to adapt to challenging scenarios, water resistance has become a must-have feature for high-end phones. Top 3 manufacturers are offering IPX8 certified flagship models that can stand 1.5-2m water depth.


As the consumption upgrade continues, the increasingly competitive consumer electronics market has given rise to a high demand for differentiated products. Several top mobile phone manufacturers have differentiated their configurations on their flagship models by providing a higher waterproof level. At present, the flagship models of the top manufacturers are equipped with waterproof level that can stand the depth of 4 meters to 6 meters. In the next few years, all major mobile phone brands are expected to equip their phones with waterproof functions.


In a market where mobile phone waterproofing is popular, differentiation is particularly important. IPRO has developed a mic vent with a waterproof level capable of stand the depth of 10 meters for high-end phones, helping mobile phone manufacturers to obtain differentiation, add product features, break through technical limitations, and making high-end models more competitive.


With excellent ductility and superb vent-making technology, IPRO’s self-developed 10-meter depth mic vent can reduce the loss of sound transmission to less than 2dB, and achieve nearly zero tone transmission loss. Installed at the mic sound hole, it helps the phone to achieve strong waterproofing capabilities and perfect sound quality.


With the dual protection of waterproofness and tone transmission that makes high-end phones more competitive, consumers will no longer worry about the damage of smart phones due to water exposure.

Key Features
  • Pure natural hydrophobic and permeable performance, with long service life;
  • Strong waterproof capacity (Water Depth 10m, Immersion 30min);
  • Dust-proof Rating: Up to Level 6, preventing dust from entering the machine and damaging the components inside;
  • Operation Temperature: -40℃-105℃.

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