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Ultra-high Air Flow Vent

The increasingly smaller smart phones and wearable products increased the difficulty of structure design. IPRO ultra-high air flow vent allows the size of the pressure relief hole of mobile phones to be shrank to the extreme, providing more design solutions despite limited design space, while meeting the waterproof requirements of IPX7 and IPX8 (1.5mX30min)

Technical Data

    • Material: ePTFE
    • Typical Air Flow (ml/min)/cm2@7kPa):15000/25000
    • IP Rating: IPX7/IPX8 (Water Depth 1.5m, Immersion 30min)
    • Installation Method: adhesive bonding and welding
    • Operation Temperature: -40℃-105℃.
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Product Application : Ultra-high Air Flow Vent


The application of IPRO pressure vent has been popularized in consumer-grade intelligent wearable products, but intelligent products are constantly upgrading, which requires the market to be highly perceptive. Users are looking for products with nicer-looking appearance, smaller size, and greater performance. Products with all of the above characteristics usually means a larger market share.


The amount of air permitted by IPRO ultra-high air flow vent is more than 2 to 3 times that of general venting products, thus greatly reduced the design size, and achieved the same level of air permeability in a much smaller size.


Smaller size not only saves design space, but also improves waterproof performance and production yield.


In applications that require rapid pressure relief, IPRO ultra-high air flow vent can equalize pressure quickly under sealed conditions, improve product waterproof performance and break through limitations of waterproof design.


IPRO ultra-high air flow vent is easy to install. With natural hydrophobic properties and ultra-fast pressure relief capabilities, it helps intelligent electronics to achieve IPX7 and IPX8 (1.5mX30min) waterproof protection with pressure equalization guaranteed. At the same time, it greatly saves design space and provides unlimited possibilities for the design of waterproof intelligent products.

Key Features
  • Large air permeability and rapid pressure relief;
  • Saving the design space of the pressure relief hole;
  • Chemical inertness, resistant to acid and alkali corrosion;
  • Dust-proof Rating: Up to Level 6, preventing dust from entering the machine and damaging the components inside;
  • Operation Temperature: -40℃-105℃.

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