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Speaker Vent

The speaker sound hole is also a key part in cell phone's structure design which needs to be waterproof. IPRO ePTFE speaker vent can provide developers with more design options.

Technical Data

    • Material: ePTFE
    • Typical Air Flow (ml/min)/cm2@7kPa):100-10000
    • IP Rating: IPX4/IPX5/IPX6/IPX7/IPX8 (Water Depth 2m, Immersion 1h)
    • Oil Rating: Grade 6, 7 and 8
    • Installation Method: Adhesive(providing more design convenience for developers)
    • Operation Temperature: -40℃-105℃
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Product Application : Speaker Vent


Although it is sealed by dispensing, the front cavity of the speaker can protect speakers from water to ensure its normal operation in a watery environment. However, as consumer electronics is increasingly constrained by space, the design of waterproof structures often makes developers rack their brains. Also, some speakers have a longer than normal sound guidance channels, which easily traps water. And external forces are needed for restoring equipment to normal status, which affects user experience. The IPRO speaker vent can easily solve this problem. By putting waterproof structure on the outer layer, it reduces the time for speaker recovery after being immersed in water.   The IPRO speaker vent helps mobile phones to achieve the waterproof level of IPX7 and IPX8 with its natural hydrophobic properties, allowing for 1 to 4 hours of immersion at the water depth of 1 to 2 meters without breaking. The fiber structure formed by special stretching process gives it excellent bi-directional tensile strength. The pore size of the vent is between 0.1-10μm. With its strong filtering capacity, it can block tiny dust particles for intelligent electronics.   With both water and dust proof functions, phones will be safe wherever they are used, be it at the beach, in the bath or in the rain.

Key Features
  • Pure natural hydrophobic and permeable performance, with long service life;
  • Chemical inertness, resistant to acid and alkali corrosion;
  • Excellent sound transmission performance, restoring the quality sound of the speaker;
  • Resistant to splashes of soapy water, alcohol, coffee, etc.;
  • Operation Temperature: -40℃-105℃.

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