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Adhesive Vent

Approved by major car manufacturers and mainstream auto lighting companies, IPRO’s adhesive vent for auto lighting can effectively improve lamp fogging, prolong lamp service life and reduces comprehensive cost.

Technical Data

    Grey Adhesive Vent

    Blue Adhesive Vent

    White Adhesive Vent

    WEP: 90kPa WEP: 80kPa WEP: 150kPa
    Typical Air Flow: 400ml/min/cm2@7kPa Typical Air Flow: 700ml/min/cm2@7kPa Typical Air Flow: 350ml/min/cm2@7kPa
    Oil Rating: Grade 7 Oil Rating: Grade 7 Oil Rating: Grade 7
    Adhesive: Acrylic Acid Adhesive: Acrylic Acid Adhesive: Acrylic Acid
    Material: 100% ePTFE Material: ePTFE + Nylon Material: 100% ePTFE


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Product Application : Adhesive Vent


Auto lighting is an important part of a vehicle, performing lighting and signaling functions. It comes in various shapes and types, depending on its position in the vehicle, including head lamp, tail lamp, fog lamp, turning signal lamp, grille lamp, license plate lamp, and room lamp, etc. Most lamps generate a lot of heat during working, and are in direct contact with the external environment, thus, breathable products are needed for lamps to equalize pressure caused by temperature change.
Fogging is another common issue for lamps. When temperature drops below the dew point, the air inside the lamp fails to hold the water vapor, which will then condense into liquid water on the lamp shell. The key to prevent lamp fogging is to control the water vapor, and allow it to diffuse and flow out. This involves one of the key parameters of the membrane: Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate (MVTR). Traditional breathable membrane suppliers can only provide membranes with one or two MVTRs, while IPRO offers membranes with multiple MVTR levels.
IPRO offers three kinds of adhesive vent: Grey Adhesive Vent, Blue Adhesive Vent and White Adhesive Vent. Grey Adhesive Vent is composed of 100% ePTFE, with good thermal and chemical stability. It can be used in headlights, taillights, and fog lights. Blue Adhesive Vent is composed of ePTFE and Nylon, which has better air permeability than the grey one. White Adhesive Vent has higher waterproof level and more stable air permeability. The above IPRO adhesive vents can be die cut according to customer requirements for the best installation and performance.
IPRO has an experienced engineering team, which offers membrane selection, structural design, and other services in the process of pre-development. IPRO adhesive vent for automobile lighting has been approved by many OEMs and first-class auto lighting suppliers, as it can effectively solve fogging problems, extend lamp service life and reduce comprehensive costs.

Key Features
  • Good compatibility and stability;
  • Multiple product options;
  • Various moisture permeability levels;
  • Rich industry experiences.

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