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Application: Automotive Lighting; Electronic Control Units; Interior Electronic Equipment; Powertrain Systems; Sensors; Autonomous driving; Motors; New energy vehicles

The auto industry is an important economic pillar in the world and is one of the main driving forces of economic growth and technological progression. The auto industry chain is long and covers a wide range of areas; from finished vehicles to auto parts, upstream and downstream enterprises exist in all fields of the industry. It has a multiplier effect on economic growth and development. The auto industry of the world’s major economies (Germany, Japan, the United States and China) all play an important role in their national economy.

The auto industry is deeply shaped by globalization and is constantly absorbing new materials, technologies, and management methods. At the present time, this industry is undergoing profound changes. On one hand, the broad consensus of sustainable development and diversified demand for energy promotes the diversification of automotive power systems. Pure electric, hybrid and hydrogen power will shape the industry landscape in the future together. On the other hand, smart driving technology has given birth to a new industrial ecology. It has introduced big data, artificial intelligence, and an internet of vehicles and other technologies into the automotive industry which will deeply change people’s travel methods in the future.

With long-term technological accumulation, R&D, and production capacity of ePTFE membrane, IPRO has long been plowing in the automotive industry. Studying the application scenarios of ventilation solutions in automotive parts and eventually forming a complete set of automobile waterproof and air permeability solutions, it has become a supplier for many major automobile companies.

With the trending development of the automotive industry, IPRO has established a professional team in self-driving and new energy fields, actively communicating with companies in the field and developing waterproof venting products with long-term reliability and excellent performance. These are being widely used by the major automotive manufacturers.

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