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Adhesive Vent

Temperature changes in the external environment and brought by the heat generated during operation of the intelligent electric bicycle may lead to pressure differences. IPRO provides an effective solution, featuring excellent waterproof and dust-proof performance, which can quickly equalize pressure and extend the service life of electronic components.

Technical Data

    • WEP: 20-500kPa
    • Typical Air Flow: 500-10000ml/min/cm2@7kPa
    • Operating Temperature: -40℃-+85℃
    • IP Rating: IP67, IP68
    • Oil Rating: Up to 8
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Product Application : Adhesive Vent


Intelligent electric bicycles are usually placed outdoors. External changes plus working heat generated internally by various electronic parts may result in pressure being accumulated, which may cause damage to electronic equipment and ruptures of casing rubber rings in the longer run. Therefore, the cavity is usually not completely sealed, leaving channels connected to the external environment to equalize pressure. But this may cause dust and rain intrusion, leading to electronic components damage and short circuits, posing great safety concerns. IPRO adhesive vents offer effective waterproof and dust-proof protection, and can quickly equalize pressure, prevent sealing structure failure and casing deformation, and ensure safe and intelligent travel.

Key Features
  • IPX8 level of water immersion protection
  • Easy installation
  • Customized sizes available according to customers’ needs
  • High air permeability
  • Stable air permeability

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