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Application: Outdoor Lighting; Security Cameras; Communication Base Stations; Photovoltaic Inverters; Small Household Appliances; Sensors; Intelligent Electric Bicycles

Catering to large market demands, outdoor electronic products take up a major part of the outdoor products segment, which is mature in developed industries and relatively centralized with great development potentials in developing countries.

Outdoor electronic products include outdoor lamps, security monitoring equipment, communication base stations, photovoltaic inverters, sensors, and walkie talkies, etc., ranging from daily small household appliances to locomotives, electric bicycles, and even products of military use. Whatever the product, it is necessary to maintain stable product quality and long product service life when exposed to harsh working environments.

As the product may be exposed to the outdoor environment for a long period of time, it will be affected by factors such as dust, rain, temperature, and pressure, resulting in casing seals failures, as well as component and product damage. Therefore, waterproof, dustproof, venting, and pressure equalization have become core concerns of the R&D teams of outdoor electronic equipment companies.

As the world’s leading provider of waterproof and venting solutions, IPRO has rich experiences in outdoor electronic equipment protection, and is capable of providing customized solutions according to the application needs of customers; as well as providing waterproof, dustproof and venting solutions for sensitive components of outdoor electronic products to effectively prolong their service life and improve reliability. At the same time, it can provide a variety of installation methods including adhesives, welding, screw-in, and snap-fit to meet different installation requirements.

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