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Vent Plug

The product has good air permeability and surfactant resistance, which can equalize pressure, prevent leakage, and avoid packaging deformation when used in packaging and transporting agricultural chemicals, thus improving product safety and the safety of operators, as well as protecting the environment.

Technical Data

    • Membrane: Oleophobic ePTFE
    • Substrate: Polyolefin
    • Housing Material: PP or HDPE
    • Color Available: White
    • Oil Rating: 7 Minimum
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Product Application : Vent Plug


When membranes and plastic parts are weldable together by ultrasonic or thermal method, a vent plug is created. With simple press-fit design, easy installation, and a long service life, it is suitable for large volume packaging (greater than 5L). Also, with an integrated design which ensures tightness and proper air permeability, it avoids pollutants from external environment, and maintains good air permeability even when in contact with high viscosity liquid, which greatly improves its reliability.


IPRO breathable membrane is suitable for agrochemical product packaging, and can be integrated with the injection molded parts of vent plugs to form standard parts. The models include D10/D15/D17/D38. IPRO also provides customized sizes and product types for client’s special needs.


Product Technical Specifications:

Product Typical D10 Typical D15 Typical D17 Typical D38
Membrane Oleophobic ePTFE Oleophobic ePTFE Oleophobic ePTFE Oleophobic ePTFE
Substrate Polyolefin Polyolefin Polyolefin Polyolefin
Housing Material PP HDPE HDPE HDPE
Typical Air Flow 100ml/min@7kPa 800ml/min@7kPa 1600ml/min@7kPa 150000ml/min@7kPa
WEP (60s) >80kPa >60kPa >50kPa >20kPa
Color Available White White White White
Oil Rating 7 7 7 7

Key Features
  • Easy Installation
  • Long Service Life
  • Multiple Choices
  • High Oil-Proof Rating
  • High Level of Air Permeability
  • Pressure Equalization
  • Minimum Leakage

  1. Be sure to check if the size of the vent plug is consistent with that of the cap. The tightness of the product depends on the material composition, structural design, sealing stability of the casing and the vent plug as well as the physical and chemical properties of the liquid in contact.
  2. PP and PE is recommended for casing material.
  3. Please avoid direct contact with or pressing against the membrane, avoid contact between the membrane and hard objects, and avoid placing the membrane on a high-temperature area. Improper operation may damage the breathable membrane and cause leakage.


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