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Application: Waterproof Mobile Phones; Smart Wearable Devices; MEMS Protective Venting Products; Walkie-Talkies; Scanners;

With the rapid development of integrated circuits and the increasing popularity of 5G communication, the consumer electronics market has grown at a double-digit percentage rate of 10% over the past few years. It is notable that the rising categories and the intelligent upgrades of traditional categories have become the driving force for market development. The trend of diversification of consumption scenarios driven by consumption upgrades have accelerated the emergence of new categories including wearable devices, sports cameras, and UAVs; while technological innovation in mobile phones, speakers, headphones, and other traditional categories contribute to the continuous demand for electronic replacement in relevant market segments.

Consumer electronic products require venting in a variety of scenarios, like while enduring sudden changes in temperature or height that occur while Skiing, being airlifted, or in other similar situations. In most cases, the casing of electronic equipment is very fragile. The internal pressure change that occurs in daily environments is easy to cause seal failures or polluted components, resulting in electronic equipment failure. Therefore, releasing pressure in a timely manner is a problem that every electronic developer and designer needs to face. IPRO ePTFE waterproof venting products enable the ventilation of enclosures and containers, balance of pressure differences, and maintenance of perfect sound quality.

IPRO ePTFE waterproof venting products enable the ventilation of enclosures and containers, balance pressure differences and maintain perfect sound quality.

In specific applications, IPRO ePTFE waterproof breathable products can:

  • balance the differential pressure inside and outside the cavity to prevent condensation and premature aging failures of structural seals;
  • dissipate the water vapor inside and outside the cavity in real time to prevent fogging on lens of electronic devices;
  • eliminate the defects of waterproof structural sealing and create ideal working conditions for sensors;
  • provide optimal waterproof and dust-proof protection without sacrificing the acoustic performance of audio components;
  • adapt electronic equipment to various outdoor harsh environment, and meet the requirements of different applications;
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